Quick implementation, within one minute
Does not depend on your preferred account or broker
Developed specifically for live trading, based on modern market conditions
The EA is optimized and does not require any additional adjustment of parameters
Four- and five-digit quotations identified automatically
Intelligent money management system integrated in the EA
Tested on real and widened spreads
Technical support
Technical support
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3 months

544.0 BYN (210.00 $)

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906.67 BYN (350.00 $)

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1683.83 BYN (650.00 $)

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Statistical analysis of robot trade
Total Profit
$ 197839.79
Profit in pips
18805.6 pips
Yrly Avg profit
$ 84768.93
Yrly Avg % ret
84.77 %
43.88 %
# of trades
Sharpe ratio
Profit factor
Return / DD ratio
Winning %
78.1 %
$ 12108
% Drawdown
11.78 %
Daily Avg profit
$ 233.85
Mthly Avg profit
$ 7065.71
Average trade
$ 1422.67
Annual% / Max DD%
R Expectancy
0.29 R
R Exp score
43.56 R
SQN score
generated by Quant Analyzer

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Strategies in portfolio

# Name Symbol Timeframe Net Profit ($) Net Profit (pips) # of Trades Sharpe Ratio Profit Factor
S2 EURGBP EURGBP unknown $ 93522.66 7272 pips 24 1.62 31.64
S3 EURUSD EURUSD unknown $ 33119.41 3578.9 pips 184 0.27 1.93
S4 GBPUSD GBPUSD unknown $ 14269.61 1300.4 pips 49 0.18 1.4
S5 NZDUSD NZDUSD unknown $ 56928.11 6654.3 pips 90 0.21 1.77
# Name Return / DD Ratio Winning % Drawdown % Drawdown Yearly avg. profit Monthly avg. profit Daily avg. profit
S2 EURGBP 30.64 95.83 % $ 3052.09 4.87 % $ 62192.57 $ 5195.7 $ 175.14
S3 EURUSD 5 90.76 % $ 6621.11 13.35 % $ 14190.95 $ 1182.84 $ 62.73
S4 GBPUSD 2.13 46.94 % $ 6685.49 26.74 % $ 14257.96 $ 1189.13 $ 125.17
S5 NZDUSD 4.77 64.44 % $ 11928.69 47.71 % $ 24365.23 $ 2033.15 $ 67.85

Monthly Performance ($)

Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec YTD
2019 22190.55 2264.42 -1543.54 4804.51 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 27715.94
2018 12921.97 -3256.14 10827.76 5095.73 -948.27 13956.64 980.89 11397.48 14064.15 639.21 3040.36 29635.52 98355.3
2017 -8514.73 4569.69 8191.89 5433.05 -1572.71 7402 1366.91 11205.42 21795.09 7990.8 7835.68 6065.46 71768.55



Wins/Losses Ratio3.57 Payout Ratio (Avg Win/Loss)0.66 Average # of Bars in Trade0
AHPR0.32 Z-Score-3.49 Z-Probability99.98 %
Expectancy570.14 Deviation $ 1946.81 Exposure-999999999 %
Stagnation in Days191 Stagnation in %22.63 %


# of Wins271 # of Losses76 # of Cancelled/Expired0
Gross Profit $ 345752.56 Gross Loss $ -147912.77 Average Win $ 1275.84 Average Loss $ -1946.22
Largest Win $ 4217.48 Largest Loss $ -3950.4 Max Consec Wins25 Max Consec Losses5
Avg Consec Wins5.53 Avg Consec Loss1.55 Avg # of Bars in Wins0 Avg # of Bars in Losses0
Investment portfolio

A qualitative feature of this Expert Advisor is its unique investment portfolio developed and tested by professional analysts. The use of this portfolio is aimed at risk diversification as well as at gaining maximum benefit by the EA from volatility of trading instruments.

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A psychological method of financial market analysis can, indeed, be called one of the major research methods. The use of psychological (round) support and resistance levels has brought traders thousands of dollars. The Expert Advisor is based on a strategy of momentum in price movements, which is determined by the influence of round levels on market participants. The Expert Advisor examines the price performance, controls potential scenarios and, having received a confirming signal, opens positions at the moment when momentum begins. It operates in a careful yet confident manner of trading. Because of adjustable parameters, the flexibility of the trading system enables users to execute trading transactions in various instruments. And if the option of trailing stop is enabled, the Expert Advisor protects the allocated deposit.

  • Quick implementation, within one minute

  • Does not depend on your preferred account or broker

  • Developed specifically for live trading, based on modern market conditions

  • The EA is optimized and does not require any additional adjustment of parameters

  • Option to enable Trailing Stop

  • Four- and five-digit quotations identified automatically

  • Tested on real and widened spreads

  • Intelligent money management system integrated in the EA

  • Technical support


The set of the trading system includes a detailed description of the EA's strategy and parameters, user guidelines, and two version of the EA:

Auto — refers to a fully automatic version requiring no additional adjustment, all its parameters are optimized and configured in advance by using machine learning. Trading is executed in instruments of a portfolio specifically put together for this strategy. Though it is added to a chart of just one instrument, the EA executes transactions in instruments contained in the entire portfolio designed for this EA, with no need to be added to other instruments' charts.

Custom — refers to a version with open parameters used by a trader to individually adjust all variables of the EA. It can be added to one instrument only, after which it trades only that instrument. Trading simultaneously in various instruments is available, using different trading specifications.

Travis parameters. Auto mode
Travis - Auto
Travis parameters. Custom mode
Travis - Custom
Travis - Auto
Travis - Auto
Advanced Data Analysis
Advanced Data Analysis

The use of evolutionary algorithms and data analysis methods in the EA's testing and optimization makes it possible to determine a suite of trading parameters, applying which the EA brings the highest financial results.

Adapting to Trading Conditions
Adapting to Trading Conditions

The operation of the EA is not affected by the broker and account type you chose: the EA has intelligent adaptive capabilities to analyze and make dicisions.

Various Trading Models
Various Trading Models

The EA has a collection of trading models integrated into it that use various analysis and trading-decision-making methods to achieve higher trading performance under unstable market momentum conditions.

Econometric Analysis
Econometric Analysis

The use of econometric methods and machine learning methods improves on and accelerates the process of getting data and signals from the market individually by the EA's intelligent system.

Reliable Strategy
Reliable Strategy

The Expert Advisor is based on a reliable trading strategy improved by mathematical methods of market analysis.

Risk Diversification
Risk Diversification

The functional isolation of the EA's methods enables it to simultaneously invest allocated funds in different instruments and by doing so to diversify the investor's risks.

Money Management System
Money Management System

The EA has a smart money management system aimed at investing the trader's funds effectively with maximum security.

Trailing Stop Option
Trailing Stop Option

By using an adjustable trailing stop option, the EA minimizes the number of risky positions.