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The MTRobot Team

Our team

A group of professionals, combining the experience of many successful independent traders, algorithmic and mathematical geeks, as well as investment advisers of the best financial institutions. Expert Advisor creation is carried out in stages and each stage is thoroughly studied to gain the best results.


Our traders, devoted many years to studying and working in financial markets, present a number of strategies. Out of these strategies, we select the most profitable and safe to trade.


At the automation stage, a team of software engineers and mathematicians develop a prototype of each strategy, and then, with machine learning capabilities, we adapt parameters of the model to better matching the current market conditions.


The next stage is optimization and testing. In this segment of the trading system creation, we make optimization of the algorithm and do training of the obtained model up to the achievement of, at first, statistically, and then practically meaningful results. After that, the model is modified to a fully automatic, ready-to-work trading robot. Traders test EAs in real conditions with different brokers and make, if necessary, suggestions on changing or improving of the trading algorithms. Only after testing under actual usage conditions, with accepted corrections and improvements - the expert advisor falls into the hands of traders all over the world.


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