Risk Warning

The Administrators of the “MTRobot.net” website warn you about risks associated with leveraged trading. To what risk is your investment exposed in the global Forex market? The answer to this question depends on the investment strategy you choose. Yes, investment, exactly, because common currency speculations of an inexperienced trader are doomed to failure. There are several reasons why: a person is not able to make the right decision whether to buy or sell this or that currency pair due to a misunderstanding of fundamental processes that drive currency rates in a certain direction. Even if a trader tends to be right, s/he might not be able to adequately evaluate possible risks or a potential profit due to multiple factors which simply cannot be affected by a common person!

Keep in mind that any speculation involves high risk. The only solution here can be a fully automated trading system which functions according to a proved algorithm and does not dream about sky-high profits like a person would. Expert Advisors operate with risks that are set and limited whereas a trader does not. Though even in this case a trader may spoil everything…

Automated trading systems can be configured or optimized for any given market conditions. And if a novice trader, for example, increases the size of positions to be opened by an expert advisor, greedily anticipating a 100000% profit, and the market becomes turbulent (which is not uncommon), then some loss-making trades might significantly taint the overall picture of up-to-that-point lucrative trading or just ruin this trader.

Therefore it is required to comply with our recommendations on risk exposure limitation:

  1. Never intervene in the operations of automated systems without urgent need.
  2. Use a separate trading account for Forex EAs and don’t execute any trades in addition to those executed by your EA on this account.
  3. Provide your EA with round-the-clock seamless access to the Forex market by using a dedicated VPS server.
  4. Don’t invest all your money in one trading account. You may only risk the amount of money that, if lost, will not worsen the trader’s life in case of any unforeseen events.

By following these simple rules you will virtually secure yourself against high risks!

Nevertheless past lucrative trading results are no guarantee of the same future success. The currency market situation can change at any moment and the previous settings in the EAs may then not work under new conditions the same way as before. Our company, of course, provides timely updates of settings for Forex EAs, however nothing is perfect. Besides, there are non-market risks – this might be connection failure from your provider, server’s crash or broker platform’s malfunction or another force majeure event. “MTRobot.net” is not liable for any loss of your funds resulting from your full or partial reliance on the information contained on this website which is dedicated to Forex trading, including data, quotes, charts, expert advisors or non-system financial instrument trading either through recommendation or signals. By using Expert Advisors developed by “MTRobot.net”, you accept trading risks in the international Forex market and will have no claim against “MTRobot.net” in case the operation of the EAs leads to unsuccessful results. Past performance is no indicator of future performance. Please note that first and foremost a Forex EA is a professional instrument in the hands of a trader and the results will depend on how s/he uses it.

Trading financial instruments may not be suitable for all investors, therefore you you need to be aware of all the risks related to speculations in the Forex market and seek independent advice if you have any questions or concerns.

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