MaskGap Strategy

Platform: Metatrader 4
Instrument: VOW3
Time Frame: not affected
Activity: moderate (1-5 trades per day)
Profitability: average near 40% per year

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Преимущества робота
  1. Разработан специально для реальной торговли по современным рыночным условиям.
  2. Установка за 5 минут
  3. Автоматическое определение 4-х и 5-и значных котировок
  4. Работает как с дробными, так и с целыми лотами
  5. Работа на реальном или демо счетах. 1 Лицензия для двух любых счетов
  6. Возможно использование в купе с другими роботами или ручной торговлей
  7. Интегрированное управление капиталом
  8. Возможность автоматического перевода сделок в безубыток или включения trailing stop.
  9. Советник оптимизирован и не нуждается в дополнительных настройках параметров
  10. Отсутствие необходимости отключения советника во время выхода новостей
  11. Советник торгует по стратегии многолетнего опыта успешных трейдеров
  12. Автоматические уровни защитных стоп-приказов и приказов фиксации прибыли


MaskGap is an expert advisor (EA) which is appreciated by those who prefer stock markets and calm predictable trading, because it is developed specifically for VW stocks trading.

The EA reacts to a gap in VW stock quotes and enters into a trade expecting the existing trend will continue. Such price performance is determined by the fact that Volkswagen AG does not publish any news during business hours, and the preceding day’s trend is most likely to continue.

However, there is a universal strategy that lays the basis for the algorithm, which will allow to earn as much on currency trading. For Forex traders, there is a great option provided, Reverse Order. This option allows to make money on covering the gap, in which case the EA opens a trade in the direction opposite to the gap.

The EA allows to intervene in its trading: it is possible to move stop orders, close trades manually, which also enables investors to control the EA’s actions and enhance the security of their account, and boost the profitability on their accounts.

The user can also set the minimum size for a gap. If there is a gap smaller than the minimum size, then the EA simply won’t enter into a position. This option allows to switch the EA to super-secure trading mode.

This EA is also equipped with an extra option, namely automated shift of trades to become loss-free (trailing stop). This option can be disabled if necessary.

This strategy was shared by Gintautas Varskevicius, our colleague from Vilnius.

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