Our advantages

Algorithmic trading has a number of real advantages in comparison to manual trading, which include:  

  • Accuracy and faultlessness

Strict algorithms are the basis for the operation of Expert Advisors. The EAs won’t miss any signal from the trading system, push the wrong button on the keyboard, make a mistake while entering the numbers, or get distracted by a phone call. Their sole objective is to follow market movements.

  • Speed

An experienced trader can quickly assess the market situation and even quicker execute transactions. However, s/he is not able to do it in a flash. The EA is capable of analyzing a whole lot of information flowing in in a split second. And at the same time it executes trades as quickly as the infrastructure allows it to do.

An immediate reaction to any market movement allows to easily put up with the main disadvantage of automated trading – the inability to use fundamental analysis. No EA is capable of forecasting market prices based on reports and news releases, however a good EA can react to the first trading signals that appeared quicker than any trader can manually enter the market.

  • No emotions

An EA is not a gambler and is not amenable. It does not get excited and does not go beyond acceptable risk exposure, it does not get involved in trader forums, or gets upset because of loss-making trades or personal issues. A ‘soulless’ algorithm operates according to the preprogrammed sequence.

  • “Perpetuum mobile”

The emergence of mobile versions of trading platforms has made the life of traders considerably easier, freeing them from the necessity to sit in front of their computer screens. However, mobile trading requires just as much concentration and does not allow to be distracted even for a minute.  This may most negatively affect the trader’s both health and trading performance.

As opposed to a real person, an EA never gets tired – it intensely operates 24/7 providing results.

The advantages of algorithmic trading are obvious, however not every algorithm operates correctly and can use the features of the MetaTrader trading platform to the full extent, and solve tasks within a certain strategy.

An ideal scenario for a seasoned trader is to use his own program based on his exclusive trading strategy. To create one, a trader can hire a good software developer but if this software developer is as good at understanding how the currency market operates, then your strategy will automatically stop being exclusive. If the software developer is not aware of the specifics of trading, then it can be a challenge to explain the task to him so that in the end you would be happy with the result.

The Expert Advisors offered are developed by experienced software developers, who have mastered the methods of mathematical and instrumental analysis, in cooperation with practicing professional traders.

While developing these products, we took into account all nuances of algorithmic trading, translated maximum possibilities into action and kept issues and restrictions to a minimum.  

By purchasing our product, you will be able to:

  • Trade with maximum benefit and minimum risk. The EAs operate based on the most successful trading strategies, the efficiency of which is proved through practice. All programs are pre-tested on historical data.
  • Choose optimal functionality. We develop Expert Advisors that are based on secure strategies proven by seasoned traders. Flexible sensitive settings and various streams that divide the operation of EAs allow you to get a ready-to-use program, which is maximally adapted to your requirements, experience, habits and capabilities. The EAs are compatible, which means that the EAs won’t overlap each other in their operations, thus you can construct a set of the most successful automated strategies on your own.
  • Transparency of algorithms. All our strategies and algorithms are open–it’s not buying a pig in a poke–you are able to try out any strategy in manual trading, and after making sure it’s profitable you can purchase a corresponding EA.