Scalper Strategy


This EA has been developed to make money quickly and as much as possible, to monetize bonuses and provide a certain amount of traded lots. This EA will be appreciated by businesspeople – the fully automatic strategy makes everything for the investor by enabling them to earn passively, with no need to examine any subtleties of the market, and the investor will be able to be manage the whole process of trading.

The strategy is based on increasing the trade volume when entering further trades. The main advantage is that trading by the EA is fully automatic, yet it is possible for a trader to get involved, which is a huge plus for those who are used to keeping everything under control.

The ‘Scalper’ EA sticks to a secure universal strategy, the simplicity of which excludes any risk of ambiguous interpretation of its principles. The simplicity principle of the ‘Scalper’ EA has a number of advantages: from full transparency of the EA’s actions to a lower threshold of experience needed to enter the market. The main advantage of this approach is repeatedly proven sustainability in complete real-life conditions and the success reflected in real account balances

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